The demand for Card Payments is ever-increasing, with more and more people choosing to pay with their Credit / Debit cards rather than cash. The ability to take card payments is of paramount importance to any business, not only to add convenience for their customers, but to provide a Safe & Secure Method Of Payment.

At Stratford City Cars we love keeping up with technological advances and we do all we possibly can to make our customers lives easier. We are the Only London Private Hire Company to have a Secure In Car Chip & Pin Payment System…just like in the shops…But Now It’s In Your Minicab.

Secure Transactions

Our In Car Chip & Pin System is approved by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and all Chip and Pin Transactions are 100% Guaranteed & Secure. This service is particularly useful to Business Travellers, Tourists, Students, Shoppers and anyone who is not carrying cash.

If you are one of the thousands of tourists planning to attend the Olympic & Paralympic Games this summer, why not use our Professional Mini Cab Service & pay for the journey securely by using our In Car Chip & Pin Service.  By doing so you’ll avoid the need to change your home currency at unfavourable rates at the Airport, simply pre-book a vehicle and pay by card…it’s that simple. No hassle, no fuss..

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